SO CUTE! Rescue Runts Husky Plush 50% OFF! $9.99 Reg $19.99

AMAZON: SO CUTE! Rescue Runts Husky Plush 50% OFF! $9.99 Reg $19.99
Click HERE

Give Me a Home to Call My Own!

Rescue Runts need your love and care to transform them from ragged runts to perfect pets! Use the included grooming kit to clean up your new puppy and make them feel happy! Over time, your Rescue Runt’s fur will become messy again and the dirt will reappear on their paws – clean them up again and again to keep your pup at their best!

Will You rescue a Runt today?

Groom Me

Pluck Out My Fleas

Use the included tweezers to pluck out the fleas from my fur.

Remove My Cast

Heal my boo boos and remove my cast.

Clean My Paws

Wipe my paws with the included towel–dry or add warm water–and watch the dirt disappear before your eyes!

Brush Me & Dry My Tears

Brush my fur with the included brush until it’s silky-smooth! Peel off the tear stickers from my eyes.

Adopt Me


Give Me A Name

Write my name on the included collar.


Make Me Smile

Put on my collar and perk my ears up – I’m a happy pup now!


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