Everyone sits/stands at the table. Each player takes a turn at rolling 2 dice. The first person to roll doubles puts on the Christmas Oven Mitt & Santa Hat and then starts unwrapping the gift (using teeth is not allowed). They will continue unwrapping, until the next person hits a double. Repeats until someone opens the gift & wins.

SWITCH STEAL GIFT GAME- each participant brings a $5-$10 wrapped gift.

Everyone brings a gift and the gifts get passed around the table, based on the roll of the dice, and until all gifts get unwrapped. As soon as all gifts are unwrapped, the game is over and everyone goes home with whatever gift they ended up with. *When you steal a gift you swap gifts.

SARAN WRAP BALL GAME- Everyone interested in playing brings a small $1-$5 gift (gift card, candy, lotto tickets, trinkets, etc). All goodies are wrapped in Saran Wrap ball (for best results alternate wrapping horizontal and vertically).
To play unwrap as fast as you can, while the person to your left keeps rolling the dice, until they get doubles. Whatever you unwrap, while playing is yours to keep. I will have a prize for the winner (person who finishes unwrapping it).

LEFT RIGHT CENTER 💸💵- anyone who wants to play brings (3) $1 bills.
To participate in Left Right Center, each player brings (3) $1.00 bills.

  • Players will take turns rolling three six-sided dice.
  • L” or “R” – for each “L” or “R” thrown the player must pass $1 to the player to his left or right, respectively
  • C”- for each “C” thrown player must place $1.00 in the center (money pot),
  • “Wild”- for each ” Wild” thrown player can pass $1 to anyone they choose or keep it. The last person remaining with money wins the pot.
FLIP TAC TOE– You’ll need (2) different colored sets of solo cups- (6) cups each set, and masking or painters tape ( I used Christmas ribbon for fun). Tape out a tic-tac-table using tape.


  • Flip. Play- once cup lands upside down, place your cup on the tic-tac-toe board
  • First team to get 3 cups in a row wins the round
  • First team to win 4 games wins the game