SUPER EASY and FUN DIY Yarn and Ribbon Rag Baby Wreaths 👶🏼 🍼


CUTE DIY  Yarn and Ribbon Rag Baby Wreath. I had fun making the wreaths below. SUPER EASY! I estimate the cost of materials to be between $30-35.

I used flat alligator clip hair bows (just clipped them on wreath) for the embellishment on the wreath below. I found them at Hobby Lobby. Styrofoam wreath and all yarn as well 🌸

The sock monkey was purchased on Amazon, & wood glove & all yarn was purchased at Hobby Lobby🐵

All ribbon and wood lettering (scarpbook section) was purchased at Hobby Lobby and baby booties were purchased at Target.

Yarn Wreath Supplies:


Spray a spot of glue onto your wreath and wrap yarn around tightly a number of times, until smooth and secure.

Continue filling in the spaces, alternating colors as needed. Secure each color with a knot. Make sure the knot is positioned to the back of the wreath. Trim the loose ends, pin the knot down, and add a little clear glue to secure in place with each color alternation. Continue until wreath is completely covered in yarn.

Make sure to pull yarn tightly each time. Spray adhesive when complete. Attach embellishments and ribbon for hanging.

Here is a YouTube instructional by Kelley Denton

Ribbon Rag Wreath Supplies:

  • 9″ Styrofoam wreath
  • 14 yards of ribbon 1 1/2 and 1 inch thick ribbon in your color choice (wired ribbon has better control)
  • Scissors & Ruler
  • Glue gun & sticks


  • Wrap wreath with ribbon of choice
  • Pre-cut ribbon into 20 inch strips
  • Alternate strips- wrap and knot each strip of ribbon of choice around the wreath and know tie- alternating combo of l 1/2 inch, 1 inch, until wreath is full. Make a bow out of ribbon of choice and glue to top of wreath.

Here is a YouTube instructional using rags by CamrysnsCloset